Grantee Research

Built Environment Policy for Physical Activity in Mexican-American Children

Dr. Nelda Mier, Texas A&M Health Science Center

“Assessing the Built Environment in Colonias to Influence Policy Promoting Physical Activity in Mexican-American Children and Families”

This Salud America! pilot research project aims to produce policy recommendations for improving the built environment to support physical activity (PA) among low-income Mexican-American children and their families in 14colonias in Hidalgo County, Texas. Colonias are unincorporated settlements along the U.S.-Mexico border where many people live in impoverished conditions and lack basic services such as running water. As part of the study, we are: Investigating the perceptions children ages 8-13 have about environmental factors that influence their PA; documenting the environmental characteristics of colonias; and reaching out to local stakeholders and policymakers regarding PA among children and families incolonias.

Research Category: Latino Families