Grantee Research

Latina Immigrant Mothers and Children’s Weight Problems

Dr. Miriam Vega, Latino Commission on AIDS (NY)

“La Familia en la Cocina”

This Salud America! pilot research project aims to better understand knowledge, attitudes and communication behaviors related to food consumption and preferences among Latino parents and children, as well as the built and cultural environments in which they make decisions. The study recognizes the need to create, test and disseminate new interventions that reduce obesity rates for Hispanic immigrants, especially in terms of health communication around nutrition and obesity. To do this, the study is conducting outreach and interview sessions with Hispanic mothers and children. With 50 mother/child pairs, the study will conduct screening and intake sessions, administer a survey on various psycho-social variables (such as acculturative stress and attachment styles), calculate body mass indices (BMI), discuss a family eating scene, and create virtual shopping lists.

Research Category: Latino Families