Healthy Spaces

Latino kids and families often have shockingly limited spaces to be physically active.

What are the best ways to improve Latino families’ access to “active spaces” like gyms, athletic fields, parks, and playgrounds?

Shared use agreements set up rules for public use of schoolyards after class. Improved parks, safer streets, and marketing also can stimulate more physical activity.

Read the Research: Active Spaces & Latino Kids

Take action to get kids more space to play!

Latino kids need more access to safe places for physical activity. Here are ways you can help.

Speak up for active spaces

The World Health Organization needs public comments for its draft action plan to promote physical activity. Take advantage and speak up for equity in access to active spaces for Latino and all families!

Get more parks

Check out the latest innovative strategies and resources people are using to add new parks, renovate existing ones, and find new routes and programs to connect residents to them!

Promote walking, cycling, swimming

Latino kids are less physically active than their white peers. New methods are emerging to create opportunities to increase kids' walking, biking, and swimming in schools and communities!

Get ideas to boost active spaces!

Salud Hero Success Stories

pool saved hannah lieder minneapolis phillips pool

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of Latino neighborhoods lack recreational facilities compared to 38% of white neighborhoods.



of Latinos say they have neighborhoods with safe places to play compared to 82.5% of whites.



Structured physical activity programs increased community use of shared-use sites by 16 times.

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