Latino Child Obesity

Child with remote controlOne of four U.S. kids is already overweight or obese by age 2-5.
And the obesity rate is much higher for Latino kids (30%) than white kids (21%).
Healthy environments are paramount for the proper development of Latino children, given the rising percentage of Latino students enrolled in public schools and the higher rates of obesity among Latino children
That's why Salud America! tackles these Latino health issues:

  • Latino kids in underserved communities have limited options for physical activity.
  • In many Latino neighborhoods, fast food and corner stores often outnumber and are used more than supermarkets and farmers’ markets, resulting in inadequate consumption of healthy foods and overconsumption of unhealthy foods.
  • Healthy school environments are paramount for the proper development of Latino children
  • Latino kids ages 0-5 consumption of sugary drinks is higher than the overall average
  • Latino infants are less likely than their peers to have healthy feeding and activity patterns.

To help find and share solutions to these challenges, Salud America! has many resources:

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