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  • Write up your story;
  • Possibly film your story;

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Here’s some sample stories we’re looking for...

Healthier School Snacks

  • School-based nutrition programs
  • Healthier food in classrooms
  • Healthy fundraising

Healthier School Snacks

  • Shared recreation sites
  • Public-access recreation sites
  • Safe walk-ways

Healthier School Snacks

  • No-soda challenges
  • Reducing access to sugary drinks
  • Price incentives/disincentives

Healthier School Snacks

  • Healthy corner stores
  • Farmer's market
  • Community gardens

Healthier School Snacks

  • Active learning programs
  • After-school fitness programs
  • More P.E.

Healthier School Snacks

  • Healthy food campaigns
  • Healthy activity campaigns
  • Regulation and policy efforts