#SSB Safety Warning Bills in Progress


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A bill referred to the Committee on Health Care and Wellness has been introduced in the Washington House of Representatives about requiring health warning labels on sugar-sweetened beverages.

A recent study from Pediatrics revealed that parents are likely to be influenced by health warning labels on sugary beverages.

Studies show, Latino kids are more exposed to ads directed to them about sugary beverages and unhealthy foods. Labels on beverages may help Latino mothers better understand the health risks associated with over consumption of sugary beverages.

Legislative campaigns for bills requiring soda taxes or health warning labels on sugary beverages continue to be introduced across the nation.

Most recently in Hawaii, a bill  introduced last year requiring warning labels has been re-referred to the Commerce, Consumer Protection and Health and Ways and Means committees.

To learn more about the legislative campaigns going on in your state with sugary-sweetened beverages, click here.

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