4 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health in 2016


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Most New Year’s resolutions involve losing weight, or changing some aspect of physical appearance, but what about improving one’s mental health?

In the Latino community mental health issues are often taboo, but here are four things you can do to improve your mental health in 2016.

Taking at least five minutes a day to focus on yourself can have tremendous benefits to your health and wellness. A study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice found that meditation helps heal physical and mental issues such as anxiety and depression.

Be Thankful:
Numerous studies have shown that people who are thankful for what they have and the people around them tend to live a better quality of life—mentally and physically.

Be Generous:
When you give yourself to help others for a good cause not only do you make others happy, but you also make yourself happy. According to the Journal of Social Psychology, the smallest gesture can make the difference.

Changing pace and scenery can truly make a difference. A study published in the Journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life, found that taking just a few days of vacation increases the level of happiness.

If you suffer from a chronic mental health condition don’t wait and seek help.

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