Tell WHO: I Want Equitable Access to Active Spaces!

Kid Riding Bike

Raise your voice for equitable access to physical activity for Latino children and families worldwide!

The Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO) has asked its director-general to draft a global action plan to promote physical activity. This is a unique opportunity to speak up for equity in access to active spaces in communities of color around the world.

Public comments are open through Sept. 22, 2017.

How can you speak up?

Email WHO a model comment (you may have to click "allow" to send full email) developed by our Salud America! research team:

I believe priority should be given to creating safe routes to walk and bike and developing shared use agreements and open use policies that formally share school recreational with the public after class. These initiatives can help Latino children and families living underserved communities access the physical, mental, social, and health benefits of physical activity by improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety and increasing access to safe places for kids and families to play, according to a recent Salud America! research review ( In order to improve safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport passengers (Proposed Action 2.2), priority also needs to be given to reducing the risk for the most vulnerable road users by race/ethnicity and economic status. When improving safe access to quality public and green open space (Proposed Action 2.3), schools should be addressed because they are often the largest landowner in cities. Green schoolyards, for example, included diverse terrain, natural playgrounds, food gardens, paths and trails, rain water catchment and mechanisms to capture stormwater runoff. They are beautiful and functional spaces open to the public to improve health and overall wellbeing, and they meet many Sustainable Development Goals.

Feel free to share or tweak the comment, and add your name to the bottom of this email!

WHO will publish these emails on their website.

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