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Future research needs

To increase access to physical activity sites in Latino communities, further research is needed on the effectiveness of SUAs for increasing physical activity in Latino communities.

Many of the communities with SUAs have reported on challenges and solutions to implementing a SUA, but none provided data on the impact of SUAs on physical activity levels.

Therefore, to encourage the implementation of SUAs in more Latino communities, more data are needed to support their effectiveness in increasing physical activity among Latino children.

Real and perceived barriers to implementing SUAs should be further explored to identify areas for improvement in policies and legislation and to educate stakeholders on how to overcome the barriers. Specifically, research that documents the cost associated with implementing SUAs for each stakeholder would be beneficial.

Research is also needed to evaluate how the built environment and improvements to neighborhood and park infrastructure affect physical activity among Latino youth. Some research has shown these improvements to be effective, but more data would bolster support for funding for improvements, maintenance and security.

The quality of tools that are used for measuring the built environment and their applicability to Latino communities need further evaluation to ensure that decisions about the built environment and physical activity sites are well informed and in the best interest of the Latino community.

Finally, more research is needed on the efficacy of social marketing for improving physical activity among Latino youth.

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for every Latino neighborhood, compared to 3 for every non-Latino neighborhood

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