Arlington Heights District Brings Healthy New Options to Lunch


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Arlington Heights School District, located outside of Chicago IL, has begun bringing healthier options to their schools. They now offer options like poached chicken slider sandwiches, grilled zucchini chips, toasted chickpeas, and turkey meatball soup.

They wish to bring these new options to their district in order to provide a healthy lunch, while giving students fun, appealing foods.

Arlington Heights has been working on a trial and error basis, even having their first public tasting this summer to introduce the upcoming new menu items. Not all their healthy options have worked in the past, causing them to stop serving fish last year because students simply were not buying it.

This school district is also changing it’s overall offerings. By bringing in more fruit and vegetables, using only whole grains in all dishes, and lowering the sodium levels students will be able to eat meals that help them lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight. They also cook half of all their foods from scratch, adding fresh and homemade items to lunches.

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