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Grocery Store Comes to Pittsburgh Neighborhood That has Been Without for 30 Years

Pittsburgh's Hill District is a predominantly African-American community. Other underserved minorities, like Latinos, can get inspired by what's happening in these neighborhoods to promote better healthy food access. Residents of Pittsburgh’s Hill District that have been without a full-service grocery store for over 30 years welcome a new Shop ’n Save which opened on Centre Ave. on Oct. 17. The new Hill District store will offer a variety of weekly specials, Pump Perks fuel discounts and everyday savings to Hill District residents, as well as surrounding neighborhoods, including nearby Duquesne University. Read more about the new store ...

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The Healthy Food Bank Hub

The Healthy Food Bank Hub is a project and platform developed in partnership with Feeding America and network food banks, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and National Dairy Council®. The Hub provides a platform of evaluated tools and resources, showcases existing best practices and nutrition initiatives, and engages health and nutrition professionals to help fight hunger while promoting health. Check out the Healthy Food Bank ...

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Still Bubbling Over: California Adolescents Drinking More Soda and Other Sugar-Sweetened Beverages.

A new study released on October 17th, 2013 by the California Center for Public Health Advocacy reports on soda consumption among California youth. The study titled, Still Bubbling Over: California Adolescents Drinking More Soda and Other Sugar-Sweetened Beverages, reports data variations in consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages among children and adolescents from 2005-07 and 2011-12. Among other demographics statistics, the study found that while younger Latino kids have decreased their consumption of sugary drinks, adolescent Latinos have increased how many sugary drinks they have a day. Check out the full report ...

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Healthy Food Access Portal

The Healthy Food Access Portal highlights policy efforts improve fresh food access in underserved communities across the country and relevant resources to serve the community members and policymakers working to improve access to healthy food retail. Check out all the news and resources ...

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New Store in East Austin Brings Local Food

The East Austin community has seen some hard times. Most families in the neighborhood  many of them Latino, make less than $30,000 a year. Fresh, local, healthy food is absent in the community. Allen Rogers wanted to change that. He has opened the Rosewood Community Market, a 600 square-foot market filled with rows of fresh produce plucked straight from Central Texas soil. Rogers gets chicken, beef, fruits and vegetables  and more from farmers in the region and one produce distributor in Austin. Rogers hopes the market will become an important part of the East Austin community. He's already hired some youth from the local high school to work at the store. Read more about Rosewood ...

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Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Playbook

ChangeLab Solutions developed the Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Playbook to provide 10 strategies for communities and states to consider if they want to reduce sugary drink consumption in their community. The strategies are organized in a sequence that many communities have followed before. Click here to download ...

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Webinar on Multicultural Community Engagement

Have some free time? Want to hear about ways minority communities are working with local officials to create lasting, healthy policy changes? Check out the webinar, "Multicultural Community Engagement: Putting Childhood Obesity Prevention Strategies to Work in Diverse Communities" hosted by Leadership for Healthy Communities. Presenters shared examples of successful policy initiatives to engage and empower diverse communities and discuss the implications of these efforts in the fight against childhood obesity. Presenters included: Ruben Brambila, M.P.H., project manager, Healthy RC Kids, City of Rancho Cucamonga, California Dr. Jasmine Opusunju, program coordinator, CAN DO Houston Pedro Arista, STRIVE/REACH program manager, Asian & Pacific Islander American Health ...

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Asheville Makes it Easier for People to Buy and Sell Fresh Produce

Often, usually unintentionally, city ordinances make it difficult for urban farms to grow or sell their produce. Realizing this, cities across the country are refreshing their zoning rules and permits, hoping to bring better fresh food access to all corners of the community. The city of Asheville, NC is one of those cities. New zoning rules put in place by Asheville City Council in September 2013 make it easier to fill vacant space with food. The city will no longer require building permits for temporary structures like hoop houses, greenhouse-like structures that help shield plants from extreme weather. Permitting regulations also were eased for larger, more permanent structures for growing food. The tweaking of these regulations may seem small, but for an urban farmer, it ...

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“Fresh Fridays” Come to South L.A.

Fresh, healthy food is hard to find in the predominantly Black and Latino South Los Angeles community. An unlikely partnership formed in Summer of 2013 between community organizations and a corner liquor store, bringing a fresh fruit and veggie stand to hungry residents. “Fresh Fridays” will be open every Friday afternoon in the 3800 block of South Western Avenue. The produce stand, run by Community Services Unlimited and the Community Coalition, was open for business just a few weeks after the community's last large grocery store closed its doors. The stand sells fruits and vegetables grown by Los Angeles-area farmers. “This effort speaks to the power of what can happen when everybody comes together – neighbors, business owners, local non-profits – to build a better ...

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