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East Palo Alto Farmers’ Market Strives to Make Healthy Food Affordable for the Community

Fresh fruits and vegetables are hard to find in East Palo Alto. Unlike its southern neighbor Palo Alto, East Palo Alto only has one local grocery store and one weekday farmers' market that sometimes only attracts three vendors.Many area farmers skip the market in East Palo Alto because they can make three times as much money in high-income areas and at markets on weekend mornings. A predominantly Latino city, East Palo Alto's one grocery store, Mi Pueblo, caters to Latino cooking, but many residents still travel elsewhere for cheaper groceries. Despite all this, advocates and community organizations in East Palo Alto haven't given up on  getting their neighborhood on a healthier track.  Before entering the East Palo Alto Community Farmers' Market located in front of the ...

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Rethink Your Drink Campaign

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's "Rethink Your Drink" is an educational campaign that informs kids and parents about the hidden sugar in everyday beverages. The campaign promotes water as the best alternative to sugary drinks, whether its tap water, sparkling water, or water with a little fruit juice. Communities across the country have used materials from "Rethink your Drink" to educate folks about sugary drinks. The California Department of Public Health has taken a lead role in promoting healthy beverage choices through "Rethink your Drink." Some noteworthy resources include: Brochure with sugar and calorie information on everyday drinks and healthier alternatives A pledge you and your family can sign committing to reduce your ...

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Riverside Community Rethinks Their Drinks

"Rethink Your Drink" began as a educational campaign captained by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Many communities across the country have used the campaign to educate folks on how sugary drinks affect your body and to identify healthy, tasty alternatives to high-calorie sugar-sweetened beverages. Currently, Riverside County, California is bringing medical professionals, schools, policy makers, and community groups together to fight sugary drinks through the "Rethink Your Drink" campaign. With the prevalence of childhood obesity in Riverside County at 38.2 percent (higher than California’s 38 percent) and, with scientific evidence that links consumption of sugary beverages with weight gain as being stronger than any other food category, the campaign has been ...

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Healthy Paso del Norte

A new resource for folks in far west Texas and southern New Mexico connects communities with information, programs, and each other. The Healthy Paso del Norte website is intended to help community members and policy makers learn about the health of the region. It provides local health data, resources, best practices, news articles and information about community events. Read more about the launch of the website! If you live in any of the cities in the area, check out the website and decide how you can make the Paso del Norte region a healthier place for ...

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Want Healthier Snacks at Your Kids’ Sports Games?

After-school sports are a great way to for kids to be active, build confidence, and make new friends. However, many parents bring  junk food for snacks after the game and between innings, sending mixed messages about health to the kids. If you want to take a stand against unhealthy snacks at your kids' sports games, but don't know how to get other parents on board, consider this Soccer Snacktivism Handbook courtesy of Real Mom Nutrition. In it you'll find a sample letter to other team parents, answers to frequently asked questions about healthy snacks, and a slideshow. Who knows? Maybe your voice was just the right nudge other parents needed to kick out the ...

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Food Stamps May Get Doubled at Farmers’ Markets in South Carolina

Folks who use food stamps (SNAP) to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers' markets in South Carolina might soon see their purchases double. During state budget negotiations, the Senate Finance Committee decided to include a provision committing $1.9 million to a program that doubles the first $5 of food stamp benefits when they are used to buy fresh produce at farmers markets. In other words, get $10 worth of veggies for $5. The double dollars program, which has already  been approved in a handful of states, has to get the O.K. from the federal government since it deals with a federal program, SNAP. Read more about the provision's progress!   Update: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is asking South Carolina for input on what food items would be ...

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Kick Out Sugary Drinks with ‘Kick the Can’

Kick the Can is your one stop shop for all things related to sugary drinks. Whether you want to learn more about how soda affects your body or discover which cities and states are taking action to limit access to sugar-sweetened beverages, Kick the Can is here to help. Kick the Can is a project of the California Center for Public Health Advocacy (CCPHA),  a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that raises awareness about critical public health issues and mobilizes communities to promote the establishment of effective state and local health ...

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Fewer Kids in L.A. County are Drinking Sugary Drinks

Here's some encouraging news: A report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that children in Los Angeles County drank less sugary drinks in 2011 than 2007. This exciting trend But there is still work to be done. Latino children still drank more sugary drinks overall than their White peers. The study applauded the efforts of the Rethink Your Drink campaign that targeted low-income communities and had Spanish ...

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San Jose Councilman Proposes Banning Sodas on City Property

San Jose City Councilman Ash Kalra wants the city to consider not providing sugary drinks and whole milk at city property and events. He says that the city needs to be accountable for the types of beverages they are promoting, noting that sugary drinks are associated with unhealthy weights in children and adults. Plain and carbonated water, drinks sweetened with pure fruit juice, skim milk, 1-2 percent milk and non-sugary milk substitutes such as soy beverages would be acceptable beverages under Kalra's guidelines. Kalra asked the council's agenda-setting committee on August 28 to consider the idea, but the proposal did not move past that ...

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