Cancer Facts & Figures 2011 Now Available


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Epidemiologists predict about 1.6 million new cancer cases and 571,950 cancer deaths in the U.S. in 2011, according to the new Cancer Facts & Figures 2011.

Cancer Facts & Figures provides a concise summary of frequently used cancer statistics, including projections of new cancer cases and deaths, general information on leading cancer sites, and information on major cancer risk factors, such as tobacco use, nutrition, and physical activity.

This year’s special section focuses on cancer disparities, including providing the estimated numbers of premature cancer deaths that occurred in 2007 as a result of socioeconomic disparities.

Other highlights from Cancer Facts & Figures 2011 include:

  • Cancers of the lung and bronchus, prostate, and colorectum in men, and cancers of the lung and bronchus, breast, and colorectum in women continue to be the most common causes of cancer death.
  • Among men, prostate, lung and bronchus, and colorectum cancers account for 52% of newly diagnosed cases.
  • Among women, breast, lung and bronchus, and colorectum cancers account for 52% of newly diagnosed cases.

View more on Cancer Facts & Figures 2011 here.

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