CentroNía Launches New Toolkit to Support Teachers and School Administrators


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CentroNía, which provides coaching and professional development training to teachers and administrators recently released its CentroNía Institute Reflective Approach (CIRPA) Toolkit in Washington DC.

The toolkit which is based on the latest research in child development is intended to be a guide and on-going support to teachers and school administrators to implement effective lesson planning and to evaluate the effectiveness of their lessons.

“We are moving from early care to early learning when implementing the CIRPA Toolkit, “Esteban Morales Educational Director at CentroNía said.

The toolkit which is funded by Fight for Children and the Washington Area Women’s Foundation will be first implemented in 13 centers in the Washington DC area.

“We are excited to share the CIRPA Toolkit and hopefully begin filling a growing gap in professional development for early childhood professionals,” Morales said.

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