City Council Says No Soda Tax on June Ballot


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After recent debates in Davis about soda taxes, the City Council elected not to place a tax on the June ballot.

Educational campaigns are still in motion for the city to understand the amount of sugar that is in popular sugary beverages.

A recent poll sponsored by The California Endowment revealed that the majority of Californians favor safety warning labels and taxes on soda and sugary beverages. Sixty-eight percent supported taxing sugary-sweetened beverages to fund school nutrition and physical activity programs, versus thirty-one percent opposing and almost half supporting soda taxes.

According to a recent article, failed efforts in over 30 other cities and states have been brought into legislation for soda tax and sugary beverage warning labels, as the beverage industry spend millions to defeat grassroots and national efforts.

Supporters of these efforts argue that high rates of obesity and diabetes, which studies show are linked to sugary beverage consumption, would help decrease these diet-related health risks.

Studies show Latino kids have less access to healthier foods and consume more sugary beverages, to learn more about potential ways to decrease sugary beverages in Latino schools, click here.

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