City Opens Farmers’ Market in Compton


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In Compton, CA, fresh fruits and vegetables are scarce, and residents are feeling it. About 40% of folks living in Compton are obese; many struggle with chronic disease like diabetes. In this predominantly Latino city, corner stores are everywhere and even the “fresh” produce at the local grocery store is often spoiled.

City officials are taking a big step in the right direction: opening a farmers’ market.  

In early September, the City opened the Blue Line Farmers’ Market, the first in Compton in more than a decade. It sits right at a Metro stop, welcoming riders as they get off.

City officials said the weekly Wednesday farmers market is just the first step. The City Council has added health and wellness as one of its “critical priorities” for the coming fiscal year, and in January, officials plan to launch a citywide fitness challenge with the aim of reducing body fat and cholesterol levels.

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for every Latino neighborhood, compared to 3 for every non-Latino neighborhood

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