Clinical Trials Begin for Cancer Recurrence Vaccine


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Mexican researchers are beginning clinical trials of a treatment that could prevent the recurrence of different types of cancer, Latin Times reports.

“The new therapy trains the immune system to recognize and eliminate remaining cancerous cells” after conventional treatment, team leader Dr. Juan Pablo Márquez Manriquez, of the International Cancer Center in Sonora, told EFE.

In the early stages of their research Dr. Marquez and his team tested the vaccines on mice that were genetically modified to develop cancer.

“The animals that received the vaccine, both individual vaccines and the cocktail, never developed colon, pancreatic or ovarian cancer,” Dr. Márquez explained.

During clinical trials the treatment will be tested in Mexico City, Sonora and Ciudad Obregon.

Researchers estimate the treatment to be approved in Mexico and the U.S. by 2017. “We will have fewer recurrences, fewer hospitals full of patients with recurrent cancer,” Dr.Márquez told Latin Post. “That is what matters, that there will be less pain.”

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