CPR Training Rates Lower in Poor, Rural, Minority U.S. Communities


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CPR training rates are lower in poor, rural, Hispanic and other minority-heavy U.S. regions, a new study shows, HealthDay reports.

Timely bystander CPR can boost the odds of survival for those who experience cardiac arrest outside of the hospital, but the new study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, found exceedingly low CPR training rates in its examination of 13 million people in across 3,100 counties.

Specific findings included:

…fewer people are trained in CPR in the South, Midwest and West…counties with the lowest rates of CPR training—less than 1.3 percent of the population—were also more likely to have a greater proportion of rural areas, black and Hispanic residents, and a lower average household income.

These areas also had fewer doctors and, on average, older residents, according to a journal news release.

“With regard to rural areas, more studies are needed on interventions that target the entire chain of survival,” the study authors concluded.

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