Doctor Yum Makes Healthy Eating Easy For Families


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Dr. Nimali Fernando, aka “Doctor Yum” is a board-certified pediatrician practicing in Fredericksburg, Virginia, after seeing kids whose body mass index fell into higher percentiles, she realized many families needed nutrition education. Working with many families in her practice she found out kids eating practices within her practice were unhealthy and she began to see another connection between unhealthy diets and other symptoms in her patients.

“So many problems like anxiety, constipation, bedwetting, attention issues, and abdominal pain may have direct connections to diet,” Dr. Yum explained to Real Food for Kids.

Dr. Yum started a parenting website to help parents find healthy recipes and wanted to educate the greater community, creating,  The Doctor Yum Project, a nonprofit organization that empowers families with information on how to prevent illness through a healthy diet.

The nickname, “Doctor Yum” came about when the kids in her practice who cooked with her kept calling her Doctor yum and it just stuck, she explains.

Doctor yum now not only has the website, blog and cute nickname, but also a teaching garden, food truck, store, book, a curriculum made for preschoolers to learn how to enjoy healthy foods and an interactive application for meal making for families!

Dr. Yum continues to encourage parents to get kids cooking in the kitchen starting at the young age of 3, so they can get familiar with trying new foods like fruits and vegetables through chopping and cooking with them.

Learn more great tips to help kids eat healthy from Dr. Yum’s website here.

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