Report: At the Intersection of Active Transportation and Equity


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Safe Routes to School National Partnership developed a report and two fact sheets to explore equity issues related to active modes of transportation in order to increase health, fairness, and opportunity for low-income communities and communities of color.

In order to positively influence health at the community level, it is important to not only identify socioeconomic inequities, but also environmental inequities, particularly inequities related to transportation infrastructure which influence access to employment and education opportunities as well as healthy resources, like nutritious food, safe places to play, and government services.

The report sets out why equity and active transportation matter, addresses tensions that may arise when the active transportation and equity movements intersect, describes opportunities for increasing equity in the field of active transportation, and explores some of the programs and initiatives that are doing this crucial work.

The companion fact sheets provide information about factors that influence health, such as income levels, graduation rates, food deserts, health care centers, transit access, walkability, and bikeability, and explain why everyone needs equitable access to safe and convenient transportation options.

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