Healthy Options for High School Concessions Stands


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The School District of Onalaska is starting a new and healthier way to fundraise through the high schools concessions stands. The new concession stands will still offer the usual options of candy, popcorn and hot dogs, but now they will also offer consumers new healthier options, called “Freddy’s Food’s.

Named after the school’s Mascot Freddy, the new food options will consist of freshly made sandwiches, salads, fruit cups, and cheese sticks.

The YMCA will be studying this new program initiative, through a Pioneering Healthier Communities study. The study will review how offering new healthier options into schools local fundraising concession stands impacts the health of the school and the overall health of the community.

Zach Thomas, one of the students that runs the high schools concessions stand, told a local news station, that he is excited about the new healthy options as he has seen many students eat healthier foods at lunch and around the school campus.

Thomas believes that more students will pick the healthy options, and the new healthy options will be successful in bringing in dollars for fundraising.

Studies show students consume more than half of their daily calories at school and also show that Latino kids are heavily influenced to eat what is offered at schools, whether healthy or unhealthy.

Having healthier options for Latino youth throughout the school may decrease weight-related health risks.

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