Future Research Needs: Latino Housing, Transportation, and Green Space


greenway for safe routes to housing and public transit
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Future Research

Many of the policy suggestions and strategies highlighted in this review are based upon research performed within urban Latino communities.

While many of the suggestions may be applicable to smaller Latino communities, it will be essential to determine if they will be successful when applied to the semi-isolated Latino communities of the “new Latino destinations.”

In one sense, because the majority of these policy recommendations hinge upon community activism and solidarity, it may be possible to translate them into the heavily Latino-majority communities found in these small-town and rural areas. However, activism builds upon political capital found in the community, and in many of these new destinations, the Latino communities are isolated and in fact marginalized, suggesting they lack political power.

community engagementIt will be essential to better understand the needs and strengths of these new Latino communities regarding housing, transportation, and green space so that equitable neighborhood development can be a reality for this new and growing segment of the U.S. Latino population.

Another challenge that requires more research is how to best organize activism within Latino communities that include native-born individuals “three generations removed from immigration” as well as “newly immigrated indigenous Central Americans for whom Spanish is a second language” [97].

Finding common ground across subpopulations within diverse Latino communities will be essential to successful activism efforts that support the policy work suggested in this review.

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97. People for Bikes. (2015). Race, ethnicity, class, and protected bike lanes: An idea book for fairer cities. Retrieved from https://peopleforbikes.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/EquityReport2015.pdf

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of Latinos are "housing cost burdened"

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