Healthy Eating is Getting Cooler with Veggie Temporary Tattoos


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These seasonally-inspired fruit and veggie temporary tattoos look cool and raise money for farms. Source:

Inspired by healthy fresh produce and the farms that grow it, farmer and social entrepreneur Jenna Weiler from Holland, Michigan has come up with a fun way to promote fruits and veggies to kids while raising funds for healthy food projects.

“Tater Tats” are temporary vegetable tattoos and a fun way to get kids and adults excited about seasonal, healthy eating. Weiler and her team want to sell them in stores, farmer’s markets and anywhere food lovers shop. They need $2000 to produce the first round of tattoos and have started a Kickstarter project to raise money.

And the tattoos won’t just looking good, they’ll do good, too. Weiler will give back 10% of Tater Tats profits to worthy farmers and food projects. She also want to sell wholesale to farms, markets and other positive impact food organizations to help them raise funds by selling these seasonal temporary tattoos to their customers.

Read more about Tater Tats here.
Check out their Kickstarter for even more information (like how the tats will actually look on!) and to donate.

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