Kids Lose Weight With High Tech Water Jets


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A new study from the JAMA Pediatrics researchers have reported one way kids can loose weight is to have easy access to water and less access to unhealthy sugary beverages.

The researchers took water jet machines to schools across 483 New York City schools, finding a slight but significant decrease in the children’s body mass index (BMI) measurements along with a decrease in students who were overweight. Researchers found students who used water jets had a .025 reduction of BMI for boys and a .022 standardized reduction for girls. About a four to five pound weight loss for a middle schooler.

The study, led by Brian Elbel a professor of Population health and Health policy at New York University School of Medicine, also removed sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened beverages as well.

“Water jets could be an important part of the toolkit for obesity-reduction techniques at the school setting,” the researchers conclude.

To learn more about this study, click here.

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