Lakewood Surveys Residents About Healthy Food Access


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For many folks living in Lakewood, Colorado, a small city near Denver, a quick trip to the grocery store to buy fresh, healthy produce just isn’t a reality. Between West 17th and West Arkansas avenues, a 31 block stretch, families in this area are forced to buy groceries at the dollar store—a large grocery store does not exist.

A healthy corner store initiative is one way officials in the Denver/Lakewood, Colorado area are hoping to bring residents better healthy food access. Source: Denver Post, photo by Cyrus McCrimmon

However, Lakewood is in the midst of an effort to make life easier for families in this area. The city, in partnership with LiveWell Colorado, is assessing how accessible healthy food is to its nearly 150,000 residents.

Latinos make up 22% of residents in Lakewood.

The City is encouraging residents to fill out a healthy foods survey online. The deadline to fill out the 10-minute questionnaire is Friday May 29. Results will be released in July.

This interest in food access isn’t new. The city holds four farmer’s markets throughout the year, has established three community gardens and last year opened a community farm. The City also runs a healthy corner store initiative to help corner stores in low healthy food access areas stock and promote healthy food.

The City will be using results from the food survey to inform new policies and projects.

Read more about Lakewood’s food access plan here. 

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