Mandatory Morning Dance Program at Illinois School


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Mary Colver, the school nurse at Little Fort Elementary School in Waukegan, IL, (55.7% Latino) wanted to get kids moving.   She recognized obesity as a problem (33.6% of children in Illinois are obese), but also wanted to increase student’s performance in the classroom.

With a grant from Action for Healthy Kids, Mary started 6 physical activity initiatives at her school:

  1. Morning music program
  2. Brain breaks
  3. Before-school exercise club
  4. Family health night
  5. Physical Activity Leaders program
  6. Created a ½ mile walking path

Students have responded very enthusiastically to the Morning Music Program.  Every morning after the pledge of allegiance, a song is played in all the classrooms and students are required to get up and get moving.  They can do jumping jacks, dance or anything that is active.

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of Latino parents support public funding for afterschool programs

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