Mississippi Legislators Encourage Schools to Adopt Shared Use Agreements


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In 2012, Mississippi legislators passed a bill to encourage the shared use of schoolyards. Soon after the legislation passed, a state Joint Use Agreement (shared use agreement) Toolkit was developed. Now schools across the state have begun to enact and implement shared use agreements, as a measure to support active living and reduce obesity, among Mississippians of all backgrounds.

This slideshow presentation, “Health is Academic,” describes how the use of resources can be maximized through partnerships and shared use agreements. Another slideshow presentation, “Integrating research, legal technical expertise, and advocacy to inform, shape and promote successful shared use legislation in Mississippi,” shows how representatives from the  University of Florida, the Public Health Law Center, and the American Heart Association, helped build government relations, which led to the state of Mississippi to adopting legislation to encourage schools to create shared use agreements.


Best Practices Tool Kit for Shared Use Agreements in Mississippi

The Mississippi Office of Healthy Schools: Joint Use Agreements page.

The full text to HB 540, the Mississippi bill which encouraged the development of shared use agreements.


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