Most Parents in Kansas Support Healthier School Food


healthier school snacks
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A recent survey of parents in Kansas with K-12 students say it is important to serve nutritious food in schools, and 3 in 4 parents favor the healthy school meal standards in effect nationwide.

The poll was released in April 2015 by the Kids’ Safe and Healthful Foods Project.

Among the findings: 96 percent of parents think serving nutritious foods in schools is important to “ensure that children are prepared to learn and do their best.”

Parents backed the following standards in the national school meal guidelines:

  • 98 percent support the requirement that schools include a serving of fruits or vegetables with every meal.
  • 74 percent think schools should provide foods made from whole grains with every meal.
  • 71 percent say salt should be limited.

Additionally, two-thirds of parents support the current nutrition standards mandating healthier snack foods and drinks

Lunches served in 99 percent of districts statewide met the healthier federal requirements at the start of the 2014-15 school year.

Kansas’s Latino population is around 10% and growing.

Check out the poll results and read more here.

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