NBA MVP Basketball Star Endorses Water


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Most superstar figures or famous actresses and athletes have advertised some type of unhealthy beverage for million dollar endorsements, but not for NBA’s basketball 2015 MVP star player, Stephen Curry, who is focused on health for kids.

Stephen Curry wants to be a healthy role model for kids and has signed a contract for health-focused marketing with Brita water. Curry is the first in sports history, according to a recent article, that has said no to being a spokesperson for unhealthy sugary beverage advertisements.

Latino kids consume 2 to 3 more sugary beverages a day compared to white kids. It is important for children to know what health looks like, and many children tend to look up to their favorite athletes and mimic their actions.

Knowing more about water and having healthier advertising towards Latino kids, could help decrease the amount sugary beverages Latino kids consume daily.

To learn more about how sugary beverages impact Latino youth and their health, click here.

To support Curry in his efforts follow him @StephenCurry30 on twitter.

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for every Latino neighborhood, compared to 3 for every non-Latino neighborhood

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