New Campaign Invites Latinos to Talk Openly About HIV/AIDS


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oneconversation_campaignmaterials_pandora_500x500_eng_staticCurrently, 220,000 Hispanics are living with HIV in the United States and if trends continue the CDC estimates that 1 in 36 Latino men and 1 in 106 Latina women will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime.

The age group at highest risk are those between 13-24 years old, who accounted for 26 percent of new HIV infections.

Among young gay and bisexual males the number of new HIV infections increased by 22 percent.

A survey from 2013 found that 34 percent of high school students who reported being sexually active in the previous three months-41 percent did not use a condom.

In order to help reduce the numbers of new HIV infections in the Latino community the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched “We can stop HIV One Conversation at a Time / Podemos Detener el VIH Una Converzacion a la Vez, a national bilingual communication campaign that encourages Latinos to talk openly about HIV and AIDS with their families, friends, partners and communities.

To learn more about this campaign click here.

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