Parents In Florida Say Cutting Recess in Schools Should Not Be An Option


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Every child deserves the right to play and be healthy. Yet many times when the school day gets busy, recess is the first thing to go.

In light of recent cuts to recess, a group of parents in Orange County, Florida have now gained national attention for standing up for their children’s right to recess.

According to a news story from at least twenty-three elementary schools in Orange County have cut back on or even cancelled recess.

“They have become machines that produce data as opposed to children,” Amy Narvaez, a mother of two, told TODAY.

A Think Progress blog reports that prior to bringing the matter before the school board parents collected over 1,200 signatures as part of a petition. At the meeting they also cited research on the benefits of having between 20 to 30 minutes of unstructured play time. After listening to the parents’ concerns, the school board told parents that decisions on recess are typically left up to school principals.

Although school administrators and educators say they support recess, some teachers also say they feel pressured with not having enough time during the school day to teach mandatory Common Core standards recently adopted by the state.

In a poll conducted by 99% of viewers felt that elementary schools should have recess.

To make the case for recess and to learn why improved physical activity standards are especially important for Latino kids visit Salud America’s Active Play resources by clicking here.

Read more about parents seeking recess for students in Florida by clicking here.

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of Latino parents support public funding for afterschool programs

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