Peanuts, Insulin & English: 3 New Studies on Latino Childhood Obesity


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Here are three new studies on childhood obesity among Latinos:

Study: Exercise can boost insulin sensitivity in Latino teens
Latino teens who do aerobic exercise can improve their overall fitness and increase peripheral and hepatic insulin sensitivity, even if they don’t lose weight, according to a study by Baylor College of Medicine researchers in the November issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, HealthDay reports. The study compared a 12-week exercise program’s effect on fitness, insulin sensitivity and weight among obese and lean Latino teens.
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Study: High-nutrient peanut snacks help overweight Latino kids eat less
Latino youths ate fewer times a day and were not as hungry when they were taught how to make healthier food choices and snack on a nutrient-rich, satiating snack of peanuts or peanut butter, according to new Baylor College of Medicine data presented at the Obesity Society 27th Annual Meeting in October 2009. A group of Latino middle-school students who received nutrition education, a snack intervention and physical activity experienced these benefits.
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Study: Limited English proficiency prevents Latinos from advice on activity, diet
Latinos with limited English proficiency are 50 percent less likely to report receiving advice from physicians on physical activity and/or diet than English-proficient Latinos, according to a study in the October issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. The study, which examined nearly 1,200 obese or diabetic Latinos, suggested using culturally sensitive strategies to better deliver health messages to at-risk communities.
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of Latino kids have obesity (compared to 11.7% of white kids)

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