Poll: Hispanic Moms Use Social Media, Mobile Technology…But Are Not All Alike


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Here’s a chart from the new BabyCenter poll.

Hispanic moms are heavy users of social media and mobile technology, but there are differences in how they view themselves, according to a new poll, MediaPost reports.

The poll, by BabyCenter (in English here or Spanish here), suggests that U.S. Hispanic women are a diverse group that can’t be treated as a single market segment.

The poll’s key findings include:

  • All Hispanic Moms are Not Alike—The poll shows four acculturation segments: complete acculturation (21%), high (40%), moderate (23%), and low (16%). Most completely-acculturated Hispanics view themselves as American, while most low-acculturated Hispanics view themselves as a Latino immigrant.
  • Hispanic Moms are Social—Moderate, high, and completely acculturated Hispanic moms are using the same social media as the general population including Facebook (87%), parenting social media (50%), blogs (46%), Instagram (36%), Pinterest (30%), and Twitter (24%). The poll also found that 47% of Hispanic moms use parenting social media for product and brand recommendations. Hispanic moms also prefer to read blogs
  • Hispanic Moms are Mobile—Hispanic moms are heavy users of mobile technology: 82% own a smartphone, 72% own a laptop, and 51% own a tablet.

Interestingly, the poll also found that only 17% of Hispanic Moms are more likely to consider buying a product if its ad includes a Latina celebrity.

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of Head Start and Early Head Start participants are Latino.

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