Program in Yuma County Encourages Students to Walk


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According to an article from, obesity levels have dropped at Gary Knox elementary by almost 10 percent, after launching an initiative to track the number of miles students walk.

Since the initiative started, students logged a total of 14,371 miles as part of their Mileage Club program, which was created with help from the Yuma Regional Medical Center.

Through Mileage Club program, children are encouraged to walk after lunch, during recess, and during family events hosted by the school.

Children receive incentives like tokens to wear on a necklace, after reaching certain milestones.

Since 2008, the Yuma Regional Medical Center has granted over $155,000 in funds to schools and non-profits in Yuma County, through the Yumans’ Obesity Undermines their Health (YOUTH) initiative.

Through the YOUTH initiative Gary Knox elementary received a $10,000 grant to implement their mileage club program which includes a walk to wellness and a nutrition component.

Other schools which have received grants from the YOUTH initiative include Desert Mesa elementary, St. Francis of Assisi elementary, Pueblo elementary, and Valley Horizon elementary.

It is estimated that the program has reached a total of 2,300 students.


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