Recess Audit May Lead to More Active Play Time in Tennessee


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School board members from Metro Nashville Public Schools hope to learn more about recess in Tennessee schools by conducting an audit.

According to the Tennessean and News Channel 5 reports, recess may help kids do better; yet many schools do not provide more than 15 minutes of recess per day. In light of this, school board member Amy Frogge asked the district to evaluate recess.

Tennessee law states that, schools are required to provide students with at least 90 minutes of physical activity per week. This includes time spent at recess, in PE and time for in-class physical activity breaks.

If the audit finds that recess has positive effects on learning, this could lead to a district wide recess policy. This is good news for Latino kids, who often get fewer opportunities for physical activity at school. With new evidence to support the the positive effects of recess, as stated in the Tennessean article, Frogge hopes that schools will consider implementing a policy to provide at least 30 minutes of recess to kids per day.

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