Report Finds Latino Parents Support Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards in After School Programs


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With over 10 million children attending afterschool programming, afterschool care providers can play an important role when it comes to expanding healthy eating and active living opportunities for children.

An October 2014 report produced by the Afterschool Alliance highlights the latest research on how parents feel about the quality of afterschool care their children receive. For the survey, 13,709 households with children, throughout the U.S., answered an in-depth on-line survey.

Key findings from report include:

  • 80% of parents believed that afterschool programs should help children be active (82% of African American and Latino parents believed programs should help children be active)
  • 70% of parents believed that afterschool programs should provide children with healthy beverages and snacks (77% of African American and 69% of Latino parents believed this programs should provide healthy snacks)
  • Approximately 40% of parents were unaware that Health Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) afterschool policies in physical activity and healthy snack & beverage policies exist

A fact sheet which complements the report provides further insight on Latino parents’ views & Latino kids’ participation in after school programming found:

  • >75% of Latino parents believe that after school programming provides piece of mind about where their children are
  • An unmet demand for out school programming is higher among Latinos (57%) compared to white children (35%) and children overall (41%)
  • 87% of Latino parents support public funding for after school programming
  • The lack of programming was a main barrier to enrolling their children (48% Latino vs 38% white)
  • Top quality of care (83%), a convenient location (83%), a safe environment (82%) and their child’s enjoyment (81%) were the top reasons for enrolling their child in afterschool care

Access the fact sheet on America After 3PM and the Hispanic Community here.

View the 2015 America After 3PM Report here.

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of Latino parents support public funding for afterschool programs.

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