Rethink Your Drink Campaign Gains Steam In Minnesota


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The Minneapolis Health Department is working on educating schools and consumers to ‘ReThink Your Drink’ when it comes to sugar-sweetened beverages. Dentists associations are also taking a stand to bring more knowledge on the issue and supporting the campaign.

The ‘ReThink Your Drink’ campaign, popular in other cities in Calif., and now across many state’s public health departments has become a slogan for healthier beverage consumption education. Educational resources are provided online by many sites, and can also be found at the California Health Department sites, which include guide materials to use at and festivals, along with helpful recipes on how to make healthier beverage alternatives.

The campaign is educational and the public health department hopes to help University of Minnesota students realize just how many calories and sugars are in the drinks they are consuming daily. Minneapolis public health specialist Vish Vasani, stated in a recent article, that one problem is that low-income communities have high rates of sugar consumption, especially because of sugary beverages.

Latino kids are more likely than their peers to consume one or more sugar-sweetened beverages daily and also more at risk to become obese adults. Educating consumers about the risks of sugary beverages, especially youth at risk for diabetes and obesity, may help them to make healthier choices.

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