Rethink Your Drink Campaign


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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Rethink Your Drink” is an educational campaign that informs kids and parents about the hidden sugar in everyday beverages. The campaign promotes water as the best alternative to sugary drinks, whether its tap water, sparkling water, or water with a little fruit juice.

Communities across the country have used materials from “Rethink your Drink” to educate folks about sugary drinks. The California Department of Public Health has taken a lead role in promoting healthy beverage choices through “Rethink your Drink.”

Some noteworthy resources include:

Brochure with sugar and calorie information on everyday drinks and healthier alternatives

A pledge you and your family can sign committing to reduce your sugary drink consumption 

Potter the Otter, he wants you to drink water

All the “Rethink Your Drink” campaign resources from the California Department of Public Health, in Spanish and English.


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