Safe Crossway and Farmers’ Market Arrive in Kettleman City


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When city planners and public health officials work together great things can happen for a community. Take for instance the community of Kettleman city, in King’s County. In 2005, specialists from both fields gathered for four lunchtime roundtables where health, the built environment, and smart growth codes were discussed.

Soon the team met with community residents who expressed their greatest health and safety concerns, which included: a pedestrian crossing along Highway 41 used by children who walk to school, and lack of fresh produce in their community. With the help of the planning team, residents in Kettleman were able to get a $140,000 Cal Trans Environmental Justice Grant to determine what safety measures should be added to the crossway. Public health officials were also able to organize a Farmer’s Market to make fruits and vegetables more accessible to the community.

Read the full story from the California Endowment, Applying Smart Growth Principles to General Plan Update, Kings County Moves Toward a Healthier Future.


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