Soda Taxes for Asian Nations?


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More countries are taking notice of the health risks associated with consumption of sugary drinks and are taxing sugary beverages, currently Chile, France, Hungary and Mexico have taxes on sugary drinks.

Now more countries are taking notice, including Indonesia, India and the Philippines. Asian nations are looking towards a sugared beverage tax to help curb high rates of obesity and diabetes, reported a recent article.

Indonesia originally vetoed a “luxury tax” on sugary drinks, however now an economic adviser recommended India levy a forty percent tax on sugared drinks, and soft drink companies are noticing.

An estimation from Euromonitor showed the soft drink industry generates around 18 billion dollars in Asian nations, and media reports show how soft drink companies are mounting aggressive campaigns opposing soda taxes.

According to another article, Britain debated soda taxes in 2015.

Currently in the United States, Berkeley, California is the only city with a soda tax, yet educational campaigns on sugary beverages are happening all throughout the states, such as Wisconsin, Colorado, TennesseTexas, Maryland, and other areas of California.

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