Sugar Out Day in Lincoln County


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To help bring awareness to the impacts that sugar can have on health risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity, a group of organizations is challenging Lincoln County residents to cut sugar out of their daily diets.

The month-long educational efforts are being led by the Lincoln County Oral Health Coalition, in coordination with various other dental and medical partnerships, hoping to ensure the community to rethink their drinks and diets and increases oral and dental health.

The Health Department offers the following tips to help residents decrease sugar consumption:

  • First up Rethink your drink. Sugary beverages such as soda, juice, flavored milk and energy drinks contain an average of 10 teaspoons of sugar per serving.
  • Read food labels. Sugar is listed in grams, every 4 grams is a teaspoon of sugar.
  • Substitute sugary snacks for healthy fruits and vegetables, planning ahead is key.
  • Finally, watch out for artificial sugars as well. If you currently consume several, try to reduce that to one.

Along with these tips, the Lincoln County Oral Health Coalition is working on events at local elementary schools throughout February, and asking the community to pledge to a week-long sugar cut.

Sugar is found in many sodas, energy drinks, and artificial fruit juices. Kids who consume more sugary drinks tend to have higher body weight and are at a greater risk for diabetes and dental problems.

Studies show Latino kids consumption of sugary drinks is higher than the overall average, encouraging other healthier beverage and sugar-free food options, may help decrease health risks that many Latino kids face.

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