Sugar Health Warning Labels Influence Parents Choices


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Sugary sweetened beverages, also known as SSB’s are well known now for the health risks associated with consuming them daily.

Latino kid’s are even more at risk for these health risks as they consume on average more soda’s and sugary drinks than their white peers. Studies also show, they are also more likely to live in food desserts where junk food and soda ads are targeted directly to them daily.

So if ads are directed to parents and kids, what would happen if parents were directed to warning labels?

In a recent study, researchers found that parents were less likely to choose soda or juice for their child if those drinks had health warning labels.

Only 40% of the parents who saw the warning labels still chose the sugary drink option compared to 53% of parents who saw a calorie label and 60% who were not shown any label.

Hammond, who led the research explained that most people don’t know how to read labels that give sugar in grams, having health warning labels on drinks prepares people to understand the outcomes and give people more information they can understand.

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for every Latino neighborhood, compared to 3 for every non-Latino neighborhood

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