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Storytelling can be important within a family or community. The passing down of stories from people groups and generations can also have a significant cultural impact.

Are there stories in your community that should be heard?

Those in the San Antonio area now have the opportunity to share them with StoryCorps!

What is StoryCorps?

StoryCorps serves as a non-profit that aims to give people across the country the opportunity to record meaningful conversations.

StoryCorps was founded by Dave Isay. In October 2003, he set up the first story recording booth in New York City at Grand Central Station.

“We can learn so much about the people all around us, even about the people you already know, just by taking the time to have a conversation. And if you pay just a little attention, you’ll find wisdom and poetry in their words,” Isay said.

In 2005, StoryCorps launched two mobile recording booths from the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., with their weekly broadcast debut on NPR’s Morning Edition.

“StoryCorps converted an Airstream trailer into a traveling recording studio — our MobileBooth — and launched its first cross-country tour,” according to StoryCorps.

The organization has a mission to “preserve & share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.”

Each year on their Mobile Tour, StoryCorps travels to 10 cities across the United States.

They record stories to share with the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress and the StoryCorps Online Archive, making the archives the largest born-digital collections of human voices.

What Does Participating Entail? 

StoryCorps is inviting the public to record a conversation with someone they know.

For those who want to participate, no experience required – the conversation is the story. StoryCorps encourages spontaneity, with no need for a script.

Conversations can cover any topic. From meeting your spouse, memories from your childhood,  experiences throughout your career or job, or experiences with overcoming challenges to health and racism, StoryCorps wants to hear your story!

The recording session would consist of the participant and their conversation partner along with a StoryCorps trained facilitator.

Participants will be able to record a conversation for up to 40 minutes.

The StoryCorps facilitator will explain the options for sharing the recording. They also take a photo for the archive.

Following the recording, participants will receive a copy of their conversation and will have the chance to give StoryCorps permission to preserve the recording at the Library of Congress.

People can record in any language, they aren’t required to share their recording, and record anonymously if they wish.

Next Stop: San Antonio

In a partnership with Texas Public Radio, StoryCorps will be making a mobile stop in San Antonio, Texas!

Photo Courtesy of StoryCorps.

Recording in San Antonio will start on Nov. 17, 2022 and go until Dec. 18, 2022.

The opportunity for both virtual and in person recordings will be made available. The in-person location will be the Mission Library at 3134 Roosevelt Avenue in San Antonio.

Public appointments will be available for sign up on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022.

The StoryCorps Mobile team will contact everyone who will be participating to go over the details of the recording process and answer any questions.

For those recording virtually, StoryCorps will also do a tech check a few days prior to the appointment. StoryCorps asks participants to be on the lookout for a phone call from them with the area code (646). Individuals will not be allowed to participate without confirming by phone.

For additional information, visit the StoryCorps website.

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