Texas Children, Especially Hispanics, Face Gaps in Wellbeing


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New Report by Texans Care for Children
New Report by Texans Care for Children

Texas children are falling behind the rest of the country in nearly every aspect of child well-being, according to officials at Austin-based Texans Care for Children, a multi-issue, nonpartisan policy organization, Miller-McCune reports.

The 76-page report, “A Report on the Bottom Line: Conditions for Children and the Texas of Tomorrow,” drawing upon Census data, demographic forecasts and national and state data sources, finds Texas is on a course for stunning economic failure unless it closes gaps in well-being for the child population, especially Hispanic children.

“A sick, uneducated, unskilled work force does not propel a state forward,” Eileen Garcia, CEO of Texans Care for Children, writes in the report’s preface, according to the news report. “The devastating forecasts depict a Texas that few of us would want to visit, let alone call home.”

Accolrding to the Miller-McCune news report: Compared to children in the rest of the U.S., a Texas child is 93% more likely not to have access to health care, 33% more likely not to receive mental health care services, 35% more likely to grow up poor, and 16% more likely to drop out of school. Given that Texas is not a poor state — its citizens’ median wealth ranks 27th out of 50 — the dire status of its children is all the more startling.

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