USDA supports farm to school movements giving 4 Million across 39 States


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Tom Vilsack announced on November 17, 2015, that $4.8 million dollars would go towards grants for states needing support for child nutrition programs that include local farmers and ranchers through Farm to School programs. The grants will provide over 5,211 schools projects that include various initiatives to connect farmers and ranchers to schools and support school nutrition with fresh produce.

The 2016 Farm to School Grants summary page includes lists of all the projects that will be funded through the grant, working in states across the country that are mainly schools eligible for free or reduced-price meals. Projects include, connecting local farmers with schools, culinary trainings, harvesting projects, food hubs, training of best practices, local food processing kitchens, and more.

Latino kids need access to fresh fruits and vegetables, allowing funding for farm to school projects in schools may help provide more access to fresh and nutritious produce.

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