Vaping Could Harm Unborn Babies


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New data suggests using e-cigarettes during pregnancy may be as harmful as using tobacco products, DW reports.E-cigarette in woman's hand close up

Researchers at New York University Langone presented results from animal experiments that suggests that vaping while being pregnant may harm the fetus.

For the experiment, researchers exposed pregnant mice to e-cigarette vapors and compared them to pregnant mice that were not exposed to alternative tobacco products.

“The young animals [exposed] showed genetic changes in the cortex of the frontal lobe, the part of the brain responsible for cognition, planning and motivation,” according to Judy Zelikoff, toxicologist and lead researcher at NYU Langone

“Of course mice are not humans,” Zelikoff accepted. “These are only animal models. But if I was pregnant, I would definitely look at these data from animal experiments with respect.”

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