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Rosalie Aguilar-Santos

Rosalie Aguilar Santos, MS, is Salud America!'s national project coordinator. She is passionate about nutrition, physical activity, and opportunities to engage communities in advocacy actions to promote Latino childhood health.

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“Study: QSR is hot with Hispanic consumers”

Because Hispanics demonstrate greater brand loyalty than non-Hispanics and make frequent visits to quick service restaurants, this group comprises an important segment of the population to restaurant owners. ...

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“Recommendations for Offering Physical Activity Outside of the School Day”

In 2005 the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Agriculture recommended that young people engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity preferably on everyday of the week. This document lists 10 broad recommendations for school and community programs to promote physical activity among young people. These guidelines include policy, environment, physical education, health education, extracurricular activities, parental involvement, personnel training, health services, community programs, and evaluation recommendations. Additionally, the guidelines recommend that all students have an opportunity to participate in physical activity, experience a wide variety of activities, and that parents be engaged. ...

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“New poll shows support for Haley food stamp proposal to help curb obesity”

A new Winthrop University poll, which included responses from more than 1,069 residents in early April, shows 59.5 percent of those interviewed said they strongly or somewhat favor forbidding Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, recipients from buying unhealthy foods with the food ...

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“Normoyle Park Committee Celebrates its hard work”

The Normoyle Park Committee celebrates having secured $500,000 in funds from the 2012-2017 bond, for improvements to their park. ...

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“Normoyle Park Community”

In 2011, residents living in district 5, near Normoyle Park, gathered to discuss why improvements to the park were needed. The need for lights in the park, as well as fairness in how bond funds should be distributed among the community were discussed. ...

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“Nutrition Advocates Blast Marketing of Girl Scouts’ Newest Cookie Mango Crème touted as ‘delicious new way to get your vitamins”

Advocates from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) sent a letter to the Girl Scouts of America on National Girl Scout Cookie Day, asking them to stop marketing their cookies as "a delicious new way to get your vitamins." In the past CSPI has asked the Girl Scouts to opt out of a co-branding deal with ...

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“Obesity in Young is Seen as Falling in Several Cities”

For the first time in decades, childhood obesity rates are seen as falling in some cities across the country. Philedelphia stands out particularly because of the decrease seen in obese Latino children. Article cites soda tax as the deeper change that could be on the horizon to keep obesity rates ...

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“Outdoor fast food ads could promote obesity, study finds”

The type of lifestyle that parents of Latino children lead matters greatly, because parental food choices will influence a child's eating habits. Recently, researchers studied two densely populated areas in Los Angeles and New Orleans and found that there was a positive correlation between the number of food advertisements and body mass index (BMI) for individuals between the ages of 18-98. In areas where approximately 5,000 residents lived and where 30 percent of the ads were for food, the study found that an additional 100-150 individuals were obese. ...

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“Parent Spotlight: Claudia Muñoz”

Read about how Claudia Muñoz got involved with Parents United for Healthy Schools, through the Healthy Schools Campaign. ...

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