Salud Talks: The Salud America! Podcast

Salud America!'s weekly podcast that covers a range of Latino-focused topics — everything from cancer to adverse childhood experiences to social inequity.

What is Salud Talks?

This podcast is a weekly production of Salud America!, the Institute for Health Promotion Research at The UT Health San Antonio’s media organization. This project aims to inform listeners of health inequities and trends impacting the Latino community. Episodes are released every Wednesday, starting Sept. 4, and are hosted by Salud America!‘s Josh McCormack and Rick Carrillo. Each installment features notable guests working day-to-day in the issues that are affecting Latinos in America today.

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Where can I find this podcast?

Salud Talks will be available on major podcast platforms, including:

Don’t forget to join in on the conversation using #SaludTalks on social media.

What topics does the podcast cover?

Salud Talks covers anything and everything that impacts the Latino community. From social concerns, such as lack of representation in creative media, or health inequities, such as high rates of obesity.

How can I support this project?

Salud Talks is a production of Salud America! The best way to support our work, consider donating to our cause.

How can I submit an episode idea, give feedback, or contact the producers?

Email us at and share your ideas for an episode.

Who produces this content?

Salud Talks is produced by Josh McCormack and Rick Carrillo of Salud America! It is Executive Produced by Dr. Amelie Ramirez. Salud America! is a division of the Institute of Health Promotion Research, within UT Health San Antonio, funded by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation.

Our theme song is “Latin Fling” by Bonus Points. Follow his work on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Our cover art was designed by Kourtney Despres.


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