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Major State Takes Action to Prevent a COVID-19 Housing Disaster

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating impact on housing  Millions of Americans face are experiencing new levels of cost burdens. Worse, over half a million people will sleep on the streets any given night, according to a recent ...
Jason Rosenfeld in Africa Ethiopia spreading health awareness communication knowledge
Salud Heroes
Jason Rosenfeld: Using Healthcare Messaging to Inform His Community about Coronavirus
Communication is a critical aspect of the human experience, and, for Jason Rosenfeld, it is the key to making any societal ...
Street Vendor
Street Vendors Left Out of Reopening Plans amid Coronavirus
Cities are increasingly recognizing the value of streets as car-less public space. For example, due to a spike in demand ...
Creating Through Crisis Webpic
Salud Talks Podcast Episode 32: “Creating Through Crisis”
Creativity is something that can be hard to define. Someone can paint with numbers and solve complexities with ...
Latina Hotel Worker
#SaludTues Tweetchat 6/2: Latinos and Workplace Safety Amid COVID-19
Latinos workers are essential to the economy. Although, some have worked throughout the pandemic, others are now facing ...
latino boy playing soccer futbol gettign physical activity kids
En Español: Best Physical Activities for Kids (from Soccer to Wii Tennis)
What's the best way for kids to meet physical activity guidelines? Running? Jumping? Sports? Active video games? A new ...
Coronavirus Transmission Thirdhand Smoke Secondhand
Is Secondhand Smoke and Thirdhand Smoke Linked to Coronavirus Transmission?
Researchers are worried about COVID-19 transmission from asymptomatic smokers and vapers to others in their household via ...