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Join a Genetic Screening Clinical Trial to Help Identify Your Tumor Risk!

While some cancers develop through unhealthy habits like smoking, others happen through genetics. Clinical trials with volunteers who have a family history of cancer can help researchers learn how to better slow, manage, and/or treat ...
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9 Holiday Actions for Health Equity
Volunteering for Christmas and New Year’s helps other people. It gives the volunteer a nice emotional boost, too. So ...
Omicron Variant Latinos Know
What Latinos Should Know About the Omicron Variant
A new strain of the COVID-19 virus is spreading, and the Omicron variant has already reached North America, experts ...
Latinos Health Inequities Most States
Latinos Experience Major Health Inequities in Most U.S. States
We know Latinos and other racial/ethnic minorities experience health, social, and environmental inequities that increase ...
Volunteer for a Clinical Trial for your familia
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Volunteer for a Clinical Trial for Your Familia!
Cancer and Alzheimer’s hurt many of our abuelos, moms, dads, and others we love. Clinical trials help us fight for our ...
stomach cancer abdominal pain gastric cancer latino latina
Exploring the Severe Burden of Stomach Cancer among Latinos
Stomach cancer, also called gastric cancer, disproportionately impacts Latinos. In fact, U.S. Latino men and women are ...
Child Tax Credits Boost
Child Tax Credits a Huge Boost for Many, But Not All, Latino Families
The expanded child tax credits are working to help families make ends meet and experience less stress, a new survey ...