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Latinos Power the U.S. Economy to a Better Future

Don't think Latinos add much to the U.S. economy? Think again. If U.S. Latinos were their own nation, they would have the world's seventh-largest gross domestic product (GDP), at $2.13 trillion, according to a report by the Latino Donor ...
Garcia Isela exito participant 2018
Isela Garcia: Passion for Improving Health on the Border
Isela Garcia has a passion for dancing folklorico. But she has an even stronger passion for solving health issues that ...
SNAP federal food assistance protect poverty
Take Action
Tell U.S. Gov’t: Protect SNAP!
The SNAP federal food assistance program is at risk again, and YOU CAN HELP! The Trump Administration wants to cut SNAP ...
Salud Heroes
Game Changer: San Antonio Police to Notify Schools if Kids Exposed to Trauma
Diana Centeno knows kids exposed to traumatic events don’t get extra support they need at school. Doug Greene knows ...
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The Scary Reason Cancer is on the Rise in Young Adults
If you are between ages 25 and 49, your risk of getting obesity-related cancer is rising, according to new research by the ...
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Alejandra Ochoa: Chocolate, French, and Public Health
A writer once said: “Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food.” That is spot-on for ...
Eye exam, low vision awareness
#SaludTues 2/19: Eye Health & Low Vision Awareness Month
By 2040, Latinos are projected to have the highest rates of visual impairment compared to other U.S. minority groups. An ...