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Reports: Latino Workers Are Hit Hardest by COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus does not discriminate. But experts warn that COVID-19 will cause more suffering among U.S. Black and Latino workers, due to societal inequities shaped by structural racism and low-paying jobs with no chance of ...
Coronavirus and its Impacts on the Affordable Housing Crisis
The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting health equity in many ways, including homelessness, evictions, and affordable housing ...
Pollution Poor Air Quality Risk Coronavirus
Does Pollution and Poor Air Quality Raise the Risk of Coronavirus?
As the current novel coronavirus continues to spread, one fact has become clear: Governments around the globe were not ...
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Our Favorite Spanish-Language Coronavirus Resources for Latinos!
Coronavirus is locking down much of the United States, making it harder for vulnerable populations like Latinos to get ...
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food security during coronavirus
Coronavirus Is Worsening Food Insecurity for Latino, Other Families
The coronavirus outbreak is making it harder for Latino and other families to get enough food to feed their families, a ...
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