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Javier Cintron: Future Doctor Aims to Address Health Inequities

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Javier Cintron listened intently to the Haitian man. Far from his home in Panama City, Florida, Javier was in Haiti on a research internship while pursuing his undergraduate education in biology and ...
Cesar Ramirez
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Cesar Ramirez: From Honduras to DACA, on a Mission to Be a Doctor Who Cares
Shiny cars screeching down the road. Grocery stores filled with bright lights and food-stuffed aisles. TV screens flickering ...
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Finding a Clinical Trial Just Got Easier!
Clinical trials are responsible for many of today’s life-saving procedures and treatments. But finding and enrolling in ...
You Can Donate Biospecimens for Research to Fight Cancer, Alzheimer's!
You Can Donate Biospecimens for Research to Fight Cancer, Alzheimer’s!
Ever heard of donating biospecimens for research? When a person donates biospecimens—blood, fluid, or tissue ...
Donar Muestras Biológicas cancer alzheimers research
¡Usted Puede Donar Muestras Biológicas para Investigación a Fin de Combatir el Cáncer y el Alzheimer!
Cuando una persona dona muestras biológicas o biospecímenes—sangre, líquido, o muestras de tejido—le da a los ...
Wearing N95s
N95 Respirators: Everything You Need to Know
A respirator keeps you from breathing in particles in the air that might hurt you, like germs, dust, and chemicals. In ...
Latino Impact on U.S. economy
The Unsung Impact of Latinos on the U.S. Economy
Latinos are driving the U.S. economy thanks to a rise in population, workforce participation, entrepreneurship, and economic ...