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Timoteo Barrientez

Tim is a native of the Rio Grande Valley who now lives in San Antonio TX. Tim is a retired Marine and served in the Marine Corps for 21 years. He is an athlete who is passionate about advocating for Latino health and wellness. Tim is driven to become a leader for the Latino community, or "the raza."

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4 Factors that Increase Summer Obesity Risk in Latino Children

childhood summer obesity

During the summer months children are at a higher risk of obesity, according to the American Heart Association. This is concerning considering obesity rates are already sky-high in young Latino boys (30%) and girls (23%). But what exactly causes this increased risk for obesity during the summer? Let’s explore four factors that contribute to weight gain in Latino children during the summer and how we can break this cycle of poor health into the new school year and beyond. Increased Sedentary Behavior During the school year, households operate around a steady flow of activities, like school sports, that help keep children active. During the summer, children may lose access to school-related activities that promote exercise. That’s why visiting parks, lakes, and hiking ...

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New Healthy Eating Research Resources Available in Spanish

Latino eating habits

Childhood is a critical period for the development of eating behaviors and habits that last into adulthood. These habits play a vital role in growth, development, and the prevention of obesity and other lifelong, diet-related chronic diseases. Children who live in food deserts and lack access to nutritional food, such as many Latinos, may struggle more with maintaining a healthy weight and developing healthy eating patterns. That’s where Healthy Eating Research (HER) resources can help. One Stop Shop for All Your Healthy Eating Habits HER has produced evidence-based recommendations and best practices for promoting healthy eating behaviors in children ages 2 to 8. This site has excellent resources for Spanish-speaking parents, who may lack access to nutritional guidance due ...

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